About us

About us


Fashion Holding S.r.o. Is a Italo - Slovak company, which for years has been involved in the creation and production of environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, respecting nature.

The ultimate result is the birth of the "Ecozone By Fashionet" line, whose "ECODRY" tip products are designed and manufactured to allow not only wellness.

But with the use of biodegradable raw materials such as cellulose and viscose, the total respect for the environment: the raw material - Entirely of Italian production - makes the items soft, elegant and at the same time resistant; They are not absolutely "disposable" But can be used many times and in any circumstances it may be useful; Thanks to the absorption capacity of the component material.

Any impurities produced by the human body during the day or under physical strain, is absorbed by restoring to the skin its natural appearance and well-being.

"ECODRY" products are therefore characterized by their wide utility and versatility combined with low environmental impact. Customizations are possible And are carried out with water tones, in order to guarantee the maximum naturalness of the product;

The thread used for sewing is cotton yarn. We can therefore affirm that the many qualities of our product can be summarized as follows:

  • ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS: because they do not need washing and can be disposed of as waste of paper and / or compost;
  • BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS: because the time needed for their decomposition does not exceed fifty days.

They are individually packed in envelopes, made with the same qualitative characteristics, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene of the product.

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